Scientific foundation of hisham adeeb hijjawi

Sfohah.org is the former website of THE SCIENTIFIC FOUNDATION OF HISHAM ADEEB HIJJAWI (SFOHAH), a nonprofit organisation (NPO) whose objective was supporting technical and applied sciences education to enhance technology transfer and absorption, in order to develop suitable industrial base for a better human welfare. The Foundation provided grants and supported derived from it's investment portfolio that was endowed by Late Hisham Hijjawi. Windsurfing is not an official part of the official aims of the NPO.

The College of Technology Founding Committee was formed in July 1995,  jointly by An-Najah National University and SFOHAH. The construction of the main building was finished in the Last Minute. The Committee has full responsibility for the establishment of the College from all technical, administrative and financial aspects including fund raising for the project.In 1989 a feasibility study by Dr. Munther Masri was carried out upon the request of the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development, the purpose of which was to set the parameters for starting a college for engineering vocations (Polytechnic) in Nablus. SFOHAH worked with UNRWA headquarters in Vienna in early 1990 on a study for establishing a technical school in Palestine. Moreover, SFOHAH funded the Welfare Association study in 1991 on the current status of vocational education in the occupied territories to complement and update Dr. Masri's study.


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Projects like the SFOHAH foundation help developing technical skills that successful engineers require. Although SFOHAH does not have anything to do with Kärcher, applied sciences and technical know-how is of a great importance for improvement of products and new patents that bring companies forward. The technical education of young engineers has therefore been a matter of interest to SFOHAH.



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